Office Home and Bussines 2019

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Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019  


One version for two OS - Mac and Windows 10.

The ability to work with documents anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Updated Word features: translator and focus mode allow you to remove all unnecessary and not be distracted by third-party applications.

Updated Excel functions: charts, graphs, timeline, 2D map will help to quickly make analytics in pivot tables.

Updated PowerPoint features: support for 3D objects in presentations, new features for working with slides, interactive table of contents, inserting icons and SVG graphics.

Updated Outlook features: sorting of mail, contact cards with the same interface for the browser and mobile version, travel cards and parcels.

A OneNote digital notebook, accessible from any device, will help you collect, structure, and share information.


Цена: 18.299,00 денари